The Analytic Network provides psychotherapy and counselling for individuals and couples.

All our psychotherapists work in pleasant, comfortable consulting rooms in and around Bath and the surrounding areas.

Our aim is to provide a safe and confidential setting where you can explore and work through your difficulties with someone who is there to help you.

  • You may feel the problem is in yourself or your background.

  • It may be in your personal or working relationships, or lack of them.

  • Perhaps your concern is with sexuality or gender.

  • Your difficulties may come from an experience of loss or bereavement; from illness or
    other major setbacks.

  • You may feel misunderstood, confused, depressed or anxious.

  • Perhaps you feel disappointed with life, or that it feels impossible to find balance,
    direction or meaning.


Any of these issues can seem overwhelming and may point to the need to get professional help.