Talk on Saturday 21st November 2015

A New Approach To Healing The Past - An Introduction to Pesso Boyden Psychotherapy

Matthew Harwood

Talk on Saturday 26th September 2015

The Music of Being - Becoming a self through the therapeutic qualities of music

Dr Alison Levinge

Talk on Saturday 20th June 2015

Falling in Love - Staying in Love: Understanding Unconscious Couple Interaction

Joanna Rosenthall

Talk on Saturday 16th May 2015

Security (re)gained - Attachment as a therapeutic modality

Professor Jeremy Holmes

Talk on Saturday 21st March 2015

The Fiction of Dreams - Dreams, Literature and Fiction Writing

Otto M Rheinschmiedt

Book Launch on Friday 6th March 2015

Why Can’t I Meditate? How to Get Your Mindfulness Practice on Track

Nigel Wellings

Talk on Saturday 28th February 2015

The Teenager with Anorexia in Family Therapy

Greg Dring

Talk on Saturday 24th January 2015

When anger endangers relationships: Self-harm as a systemic solution

David Pocock

Talk on Saturday 22nd November 2014

Minding the Earth in the Practice of Psychotherapy

Mary-Jayne Rust

Talk on Saturday 25th October 2014

The Presentation of Autism in Adolescence and Beyond

Robbie Smith

Talk on Saturday 27th September 2014

What Planet Are You On?

Deirdre Johnson

Talk on Saturday 17th May 2014

Psychoanalysis & Buddhism - an Historical Overview

Dr. Anthony Molino

Book Launch Friday May 16 2014

Crossroads in Psychoanalysis, Buddhism and Mindfulness

Dr Anthony Molino

joined by Nigel Wellings, reading from his essay

With Buddha in Mind, Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy in Practice

Talk on Saturday 23rd September 2013

Towards the Reinstatement of Love within Psychospiritual Psychotherapy

Maura Sills

Talk on Saturday 21st June 2013

What should the role of psychotherapy be in a time of ecological crisis?

Sarah Deco

Talk on Saturday June 15th 2013

The Shadow of Climate Change

Professor Paul Hogget

Trusting the Process 

Barbara McGavin

Talk on Saturday May 18th 2013

Responding to the needs of lesbians and gay men in therapy

Dr Damian McCann

Talk on Saturday 12th May 2012

The Adoption Triangle

Birgitta Johansson

Talk on Saturday 17 March 2012

There and Back Again

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy – a journey of integration

Nigel Wellings

Talk on Saturday 25th February 2012

The Supervisory Matrix

Through a Jungian/Winnicottian Lens

Chris Williams

Talk on Saturday October 22nd 2011

Working at the Edge

The Interface between Mind and Body

Matthew Harwood

Counselling with Addictions

Where drug or alcohol dependence is the presenting problem

Trevor Smith MSc MBACP